Conker Shapes Pattern Design


Design Inspiration For Conker Shapes

I am sure we all pick up natural finds when are out on a walk. In the autumn my pockets are always full of Horse Chestnuts – conkers. I was intrigued by the smaller odd-shaped, paler patches on the backs and how the shape of them differs to the outline of the conker. This pattern design takes five conkers and these two details and makes them into wallpaper.

Design Variations

Design A – The design series starts with the outlines used on a large scale. Roll your mouse over the designs to see its code.

Design B – The second set makes the shapes darker grey creating a much more luxurious feel.

Design C – This variation leaves off two of the shapes leaving spaces. This has the effect of a much prettier design.

Design D – For this design I have overlapped the five shapes creating a more overall pattern.

Spot Pattern

There is actually another design, where I have removed the centre part of the rings leaving a series of spots. This design is so different to these I have set up a new page to show them. See designs for Spot Pattern.

Pattern Coding

Roll your mouse over designs to see its code. The first letter is the design, the number refers to the colour code. Currently there are 30x colours I have used for the backgrounds.

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