Colin Walton in Dusseldorf

About Colin Walton

I have always been fascinated with patterns, textures and colours. I remember as a child screwing-up my eyes to see the various patterns in my parents’ lurid, 1960s wallpapers.

Fifty-odd years later, via a degree in Graphic Design at Ravensbourne and years in the creative publishing industry as art director and photographer I am showcasing my pattern designs.

I seem to see the world in a different way – even sheds can look amazing when combined in a fun, stimulating design.

I have now laughed two shops on: Contrado and Spoonflower. See my shop page for more details

I am currently working on a wide range of projects from old-fashioned sweets to circus acts. Watch this space…

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Shopping for Products

I have now started two new shop outlets for my designs. Hosted by Contrado and Spoonflower.

Contrado logoCONTRADO are convenient and fast for those in the UK. I love their Wrapping Paper – Gift Wrap, Wallpaper, and Cushions.

Spoonflower logoSPOONFLOWER are great for Fabric by the metre in a vast range of fabrics.

Spoonflower logoContrado logo