Bunting Pattern Design

Put The Flags Out!

I created my Coronation Bunting pattern design to celebrate the crowning of His Majesty King Charles III. Long live the King!

Simplifying the Design

It was tempting to throw everything at this pattern. I found the simpler ones much more appealing. My favourite doesn’t even have the Union Jack* flags!

Union Flag v Union Jack*

As an aside, I was told that Union Jack flags are only called “Jack” when they are hanging on a ship. But this Royal Website makes its origins seem a lot more vague. Visit royal.uk/union-jack

Developing the Pattern

Simple bunting repeating doesn’t have much movement so I added a white key line as a highlight on each of the flags. As the pattern flips over on alternate rows the highlight switches sides too.

The Strings

The first designs had the flags on top of a much thicker string, but this was very clunky. I narrowed the string to 5 pixels wide, then hung the flags from the back of the string. To help define the curving shape the string is white for designs on a coloured background. For plain white backgrounds the string is a pale grey.

Testing The Pattern Repeat

These full-screen versions use actual pattern repeats, set to repeat and scaled using my CSS style sheet. This is the ideal way to test if a pattern repeat works.

Buying My Designs

Products featuring my pattern designs are available to buy from my shops hosted by Spoonflower and Contrado. As well as fabrics by the metre, they can produce my designs in a range of home decor items including; tablecloths, bedding, cushions, wallpaper, cushions and wrapping paper / gift wrap.

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