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Old Price Pattern Design

Old Price Pattern

Design Inspiration

While searching for references for my sheds pattern, I noticed that a pile of old do-it-yourself magazines were published about the time I was born – 1958. The typographic styling of old money was wonderfully distinctive then, using a slash to separate the shillings and pennies. Old Price Pattern Design celebrates this pre-decimal era.

Pattern Repeat

To create the pattern I used clippings from five magazines. The yellow one is the central one – placed vertical. The rest are placed to feel more casual. I had to keep jiggling around the combinations so that the negative space (the gaps) was kept even throughout. By slightly arching the clippings around the yellow one creates a subtle horizontal ripple.

Colouring Duotones

The full colour version is the original of course. The duotones are achieved by adding different layers over the top of the black and white version to create different coloured variations. By setting an opacity of 30% gives the effect of a duotone without having to alter the colour mode of the document. I could then experiment with the 65 colours in my current palette.

Buying My Designs

My designs are sold through Contrado, based in the UK. Visit my Shop Page for more details. If you would like this design to be specifically added to the shop for you please contact me.

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