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Spot Pattern Design


Design Inspiration For Spot

This pattern uses the outline shape of a handful of conkers as the starting point for each of these wobbly spots.

Spot Designs

Most pattern designers have a design based on spots in their collection. This design is more organic from the start. To avoid a boring step and repeat, the five spots flip, rotate, and rescale independently, making the design more fluid.

Choosing Colours

The spots on each design are actually all the same colour. By using different blending modes on the five spots I have made them appear to look different. I found the darkest backgrounds most appealing – although I have chosen others in the shortlist.

Colour Variations

For my pattern designs I use a catalogue of colours each of which has its own number. There are currently 65 colours I have chosen these Spot designs from. Whenever I find a new colour I add this to all my designs to explore if the new colour way would work with the pattern. Here I have shown Spot in 10 colours – smaller screen sizes display less variations. Rolling your mouse over an image will display its code.

Buying My Designs

My designs are sold through Contrado, based in the UK. Visit my Shop Page for more details. If you would like this design to be specifically added to the shop for you please contact me.

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S Patterns with this logo are available to buy from my shop

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