Curves Retro Wallpaper

The building blocks of this design are simple quarter circles. Inspired by patterned tiles from the 60s and 70s. (Hence the original title of “Arcs”).

The basic design below shows (1) the origin of the standard shaped arcs, by duplicating this and condensing it to half the width created a more interesting series of elipse shapes (2). The real breakthrough came from overlaying the two designs over each other (3). There must be thousands of combinations that can be created by making only one or two changes.

I can see these designs used on a gigantic scale perhaps for the whole wall of a theatre or beside modern escalators in a large department store. I think they would work equally well on straight-edged kitchen accessories such as tins (4), trays and coffee pots. They would look great as splash-back panels above kitchen worktops.

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