Mid Century Modern Chairs Pattern

Mid Century Modern Chairs

The Original Design

This design was inspired when I bought three old chairs in a YMCA charity shop. I love how the angle of the back is the same as the legs, making a beautiful refined silhouette. Only days later I was knocked off my bicycle and my shoulder was smashed into 16 pieces. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had to wait a year for a titanium implant to fix it.

So, just out of hospital, on a heavy dose of morphine, I shot one of the wooden chairs on a table, taking shots about every thirty degrees. The original thought was to choose one of these shots to repeat for the wallpaper, but I liked the chair at all the different angles, so decided to combine all the shots together. I originally titled them as Danish Chairs, but they may possibly be Ercol or a similar company, as the mid-century modern chair design was very popular in the 1960s.

New Lockdown 2020-21 Version

This is the new lockdown version. I decided to re-originate everything, as I wasn’t keen on how the grain of the wood showed through all the colours. I decided to paint one of the chairs a Farrow & Ball teal colour called Oval Room Blue. I could then recolour all of the images later in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Taking the Photographs

The new version has a series of eight shots that make up the sequence. As before I kept the camera and lights the same, just rotated the chair to the appropriate angles.

Working On The Photographs in Illustrator

Once all the photos were taken I needed to convert them into individual illustrations. Tracing each of them in Illustrator restricting to around 6 colours. I then tidied up the paths to make them cleaner and removing the smaller paths. I then chose a limit of 4 colours that each image could use. Altering the highlights, midtones and low lights to keep to the four colours. Finally I converted the four colours to shades of the same colour. I could then alter each set of images by changing the main colour. Meaning that all the other shades would alter too.

Colouring the Elements

I have shown here both the original chair colour alongside others where I have recoloured the chairs in shades of grey. For the backgrounds I selected just 12 from my usual palette of 49+.

Buying My Designs

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