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Ouch! Pattern Design

Ouch! In The Diamonds Collection

Once I have a rough sketch of an idea, I work up the ideas in Adobe Illustrator. As the design progresses I duplicate the current version, then make changes to the duplicate. This way there are a series of ideas that can be re-visited later.

Pattern Development

This pattern has been quite fruitful, generating five successful designs…

  1. Festival where the elements of the diamond shape have a distinct 1950s vibe.
  2. Ouch! looked like the spines of a cactus spines.
  3. Isometric looked like schematic drawings of a building hence its name.
  4. Diamonds is that I had first envisaged when I called the series Diamonds.
  5. Duplex staggers the diamond shape filling the space more.

Colour Combinations

I decided to reduce the number of colours to simplify the number of combinations. The shadow is a darker version of the background. So effectively the design is just two colours.

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