Ouch! Pattern Design

Introducing Ouch!

Looking for an ultra-simple pattern design. I created a two colour design based on two pointed triangles. The points look like cactus spines so the name Ouch! seemed a fun choice.

Origins of Ouch!

I had been working on a diamond pattern. Part way through, I created the pointed orange design shown here. It has a vibe of the Festival of Britain, but not quite what I was looking for.

Rotating the Design

I found by rotating the design by 90° the design had more movement. Hiding some of the layers I found the minimalist design I was looking for. It has a simple “spike” and its shadow.

Colour Combinations

I decided to reduce the number of colours to simplify the number of combinations. The shadow is a darker version of the background. So effectively the design is just two colours.

The Future

The pattern would be fun for gift-wrapping and fabric too. I would love this design to have another life taken up by a manufacturer. Please contact me if you would like a high resolution file or to talk about how we could work together.

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