Twister Surface Pattern Design

Twister Pattern Design

Introducing Twister!

Twister started as a simple square divided into four vertical columns of colours. By moving the corner handles separately it was possible to make the previous straight lines into curvy shapes. This design uses 9 different shapes overlapping each other to create the first building block of the pattern.

Making the Design into a Pattern

I duplicated the basic block once to the right and flipped it vertically. Then duplicated the first two blocks down and flipped them horizontally to create a total of four different blocks.

Colour Combinations

By duplicating the block of 4 illustrations and adding a background colour it was now easy to work through a series of combinations to find the most appealing. This is perhaps the part I find most enjoyable!

Testing The Pattern Repeat

The full-screen versions use actual pattern repeats, set to repeat using my CSS style sheet. Meaning I didn’t need large images taking up extra time to download.

Miroslav Sasek

I found the designs had suddenly turned into what could have been drawn by Miroslav Sasek – more often known as M.Sasek. A prolific illustrator from the Czech Republic. His first book This is Paris was published in 1957.

For more information visit the Sasek Foundation website.

Buying My Designs

This design is available to buy from Spoonflower. Visit my Shop Page for more details. If you would like other colour combinations of this design to be specifically added to the shop for you please contact me.

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