Tango Pattern Designs D to G

Tango Designs D to G

Tango painting and tracing

Tango Inspiration

The Tango pattern design started as a large abstract canvas, I painted in 2013. I was looking for original curving shapes that could be extracted to use as wallpaper. I drastically reduced the number of colours in a photo of the painting, then recoloured areas in Adobe Illustrator to make the different elements of Tango.

Early Designs

The design alternates a flipped copy with a normal version. By varying the scale and colours created a wide range of unique patterns.

Design Variations

There are now seven distinct sets of patterns within the Tango portfolio. The visuals shown on this page are from the later designs; starting with D, then getting more dramatic to design G. For the last examples I have removed the tango element entirely and just kept the spots. Which was the beginning of the next pattern design called simply Spot Pattern Design

See the rest of the Tango pattern collection – designs A, B & C.

Placing The Pattern In A Location

I combined each finished design with a straight-on shot of the chair used in my design for mid century modern chairs. Adding a fake carpet and simple skirting board. For every image I altered the colour of the real chair to complement the surface wallpaper. For each design I also created a simple version that was just the pattern, to show how the design could be used for fabric, lampshades, and other surfaces.

Creating This Website Page

I chose a set of my favourite designs from a total of 251 variations. They are roughly sorted by colour. Rolling your mouse over an image will display its code. Each of the slideshows has a different set-up depending on the screen sized used. Those using a small mobile will be shown a lot less images than those using large desktop screens. Rolling over the images – or clicking on them – shows the code if you would like to discuss this design.

Colour Combinations

For my pattern designs I use a catalogue of numbered, standard colours. When Tango was created there were 19 colours in my swatch library. Colouring the tango element and a second colour for the background. This totals 19 x 19 = 361 different combinations, less 19 for those where the tango element is the same colour as the background which comes to a total of 342 possible colour combinations.

The Future

I would love this design to have another life taken up by a manufacturer. Please contact me if you would like a high resolution file or to talk about how we could work together.

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