Tessellate Pattern Design

Tessellate Pattern

Origins of Tessellate Pattern

This pattern design started as an idea to interlock a series of only four-sided shapes together. Making the shapes as random and un-alike as possible created an intricate pattern with the pattern repeat hard to see.

Black and White

The first design was simply alternating black on white, which had a retro Mods-like op-art vibe. I like the design but thought it needed to have something extra. I created a blurred vertical line in Photoshop that could be used to make shadows and highlights in the design.

Creating the Shimmer Effect

Using the burred vertical line (which I call a flash) created a shimmering effect of gentle folds. It was achieved by adding a series of transparent layers of vertical flashes, positioned above the background layer. Experimenting with each of the blending modes, I found 70% hard light was the ideal setting. When viewed large the effect isn’t all that obvious. When seen from a distance, or scaled smaller you can see the soft folded shimmery effect.

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