Isometric Pattern Design

Isometric Pattern

Method of Working

Once I have a rough sketch of an idea, I work up the ideas in Adobe Illustrator. As the design progresses I duplicate the current version, then make changes to the duplicate. This way there are a series of ideas that can be re-visited later. The fourth version of Diamonds looked like it could have been from the Festival of Britain (v4). The seventh variation turned out to look like cactus spines hence the design for Ouch! (v7). This version is in fact the eighth variation of the diamonds design (v8).

Rotating the Diamonds

My original sketch had tall, narrow diamonds. For this version I rotated the main diamond to horizontal, then added a thinner version below it.

Shades of White

I found using different percentages of white made the shapes appear more or less transparent. As if they were sheets of perspex or frosted glass.

Isometric Diamonds

The final design hides some of the panels too, making it hard to distinguish which way up the diamonds are. The design looks like a series of futuristic, exploded, Isometric, drawings of buildings. So I renamed the design Isometric.

Adding Silver

I think it would also be wonderful to replace one of the white panels with shiny silver. Creating a glitzy Art Deco appearance useful for wallpapers in luxury homes or glamorous hotels.

Contact Me

Please contact me if you would like a high resolution file or to talk about how we could work together.

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