Duplex Pattern Design

Duplex Pattern

Building the Diamonds Collection

Once I have a rough sketch of an idea, I work up the ideas in Adobe Illustrator. As the design progresses I duplicate the current version, then make changes to the duplicate. This way there are a series of ideas that can be re-visited later. The fourth version of Diamonds looked like it could have been from the Festival of Britain (v4). The seventh variation turned out to look like cactus spines hence the design for Ouch! (v7). The eighth version looked like schematic drawings of a building (v8), so I called the design Isometric. The 10th variation looks more what I had envisioned when I called the series Diamonds (v10).

The Final Pattern in the Diamonds Collection

The final pattern is the eleventh in the Diamonds Collection, I called the design Duplex. I duplicated the diamond and slotted it into the empty space. I fine tuned the spacing to take in the extra diamond until I felt the pattern worked.

Adjusting the Elements

Using different percentages of white (opacity) made the shapes appear more or less transparent. As if they were sheets of perspex or frosted glass. The additional diamond shape could just be a simple copy, but I felt it would be more interesting to alter it slightly. So the background panel is lighter than the same part on the first diamond. This produces another intricacy to the design.

Shimmery Background

Sometimes visuals don’t really look life-like. When the pattern is printed the real background colours could be silky satin. The percentages of white could then be transparent matt ink. I experimented with ways to show this in the visuals…

Creating the Effect

The most realistic shimmering effect was achieved by adding a transparent layer of three diagonal flashes positioned above the background layer. Experimenting with each of the blending modes, I found 30% luminosity was the ideal setting. When viewed large the effect isn’t all that obvious, but when scaled smaller you can see the effect of the three flashes. Look at the colour of the background in different areas to see the effect.

Adding Silver

I think it would also be wonderful to replace one of the white panels with shiny silver. Creating a glitzy Art Deco appearance useful for wallpapers in luxury homes or glamorous hotels.

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The Diamond Patterns Collection