Vases Pattern Design

  • Vases Pattern Design B33 flash
  • Vases Pattern Design B12
  • Vases Pattern Design B21 flash
  • Vases Pattern Design B40 flash
  • Vases Pattern Design B23 flash
  • Vases Pattern Design B25 flash
  • Vases Pattern Design B22 flash
  • Vases Pattern Design A48 flash
  • Vases Pattern Design A40 flash
  • Vases Pattern Design A45 flash

Vases Pattern Development

During the first Covid 19 lockdown I shot a selection of my vases to use on a pattern design. I had intended to simplify the image to just two colours, but later found simple silhouettes were the most graphic. Each silhouette vase was then cut in two, one half dark and the other light.

Background Panels

For each vase I added a left and right hand background panel using the opposite colour to the vases. Rather than just have rectangular panels, I made the top and bottom different angles which avoided a chess board effect.

Animated Effect

A surprising effect was that the rows of vases appear to slide left or right. Although interesting, the optical effect of movement would be too much en-masse.

Adding Flashes

Using Photoshop I created simple images of burred lines (which I call flashes) running either vertically or diagonally, positioned above the background layer. Experimenting with each of the blending modes, I found 30% luminosity was the ideal setting for diagonal flashes. A simple 50% opacity was used for the vertical flashes.

Stopping the Illusion of Movement

Adding flashes had the added bonus of reducing the effect of movement. Click through the examples above to see which you prefer.

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