Woolly Pattern Design


The Origins of Woolly

Woolly is a development of my Diamonds series of patterns. I tried changing one of the hard corners into a curve, which produced a much rounder design more reminiscent of knitting – hence Woolly.

Adding the Rippled Effect

To make the patterns appear more dynamic I found the most realistic effect was adding a transparent layer of three diagonal flashes positioned above the background layer. Experimenting with each of the blending modes, I found 30% luminosity was the ideal setting. When viewed large the effect isn’t all that obvious, but when scaled smaller you can see the effect of the three flashes. Look at the colour of the background in different areas to see the effect.

Coding The Files

The letter code refers to the design, the number refers to the code of the background colour. So N33 would be design N with a black background.

Creating This Page

With so many colour combinations it would be impractical to show all of them. Here I have chosen a selection of combinations that I feel are interesting. Rolling your mouse over an image will display its code.

The Future

The pattern would be great for fabric and wallpaper, it would also be fun for gift-wrapping and packaging too. I would love this design to have another life taken up by a manufacturer. Please contact me if you would like a high resolution file or to talk about how we could work together.