Woolly Pattern Design

The Origins of Woolly

Woolly is a development of my Diamonds series of patterns. I tried changing one of the hard corners into a curve, which produced a much rounder design more reminiscent of knitting – hence Woolly.

Pattern Variations

I usually create different variations of my pattern designs. I have shown three different variations of woolly here…

  • Design M has a distinct white diagonal twisty path. The design uses the background colour to define the elements.
  • Design N recolours each of the elements of the design so they have no link to the background colour – not that appealing.
  • Design P flips alternate segments perhaps making a more pleasing result.

Colour Combinations

The colour of each design is achieved by altering the background colour. Colours have a reference from 100 to 163, where for instance 100 = black and 110 is bright cyan.

Creating This Page

With so many colour combinations it would be impractical to show all of them. Here I have chosen a selection of combinations that I feel are interesting. Rolling your mouse over an image will display its code.

Buying My Designs

Products featuring my pattern designs are available to buy from my shops hosted by Spoonflower and Contrado. As well as fabrics by the metre, they can produce my designs in a range of home decor items including; tablecloths, bedding, cushions, wallpaper, cushions and wrapping paper / gift wrap.

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