Flash and Blob Surface Pattern Design

Flash and Blob Pattern

Origins Of Flash And Blob

Flash and Blob is an early pattern design created by starting with a rough blob-shaped hole cut out of card used as a template to produce the spots, plus an inked strip of wood veneer printed onto card. The two elements of the pattern are then combined in Adobe Illustrator and recoloured.

Angling The Flash

The flash element was originally vertical, for the design I angled the shape to make the pattern more dynamic.

Design Elements

  1. The Blob shape is the first element which can be coloured independently.
  2. The Flash is the second element that can be coloured.
  3. The background can also be coloured independently.

Colour Combinations

At the time of writing this page there are 41 colours in my swatch library. I have created a coding system that can be replicated later. Using the same element-order above, I worked through combinations of each of the 41 colours. For instance a code such as B 33 0 31, means design variation B, with the blob coloured 33 (black), the flash 0 (white) with a background of 31 (cyan).

Placing The Pattern In A Location

I would usually place the designs into a setting that makes it appear to be wallpaper. For this design I felt the surface pattern design would work in a larger, commercial location or for fabrics, wrapping papers, gift wrap etc.

Creating This Page

With so many colour combinations it would be impractical to show all of them. Here I have chosen a selection of combinations that I feel are interesting. Smaller screen sizes are designed to display less colour examples.

The Future

The pattern would be work for wallpaper but it would also be fun for gift-wrapping and fabric too. I would love this design to have another life taken up by a manufacturer. Please contact me if you would like a high resolution file or to talk about how we could work together.

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