• Sheds

    Screen Prints-Sheds
  • Shadows on a Wall

    Screen Prints-Shadows-on-a-wall
  • Ellipses

    Screen Prints-Ellipses
  • Duisburg Steel Works, Germany

    Screen Prints Duisburg Steel Works

Screen Prints

Above are a selection of screen prints. Duisburg Steel Works was Colin’s first screen print, with rather vague registration, it started his passion for screen printing. Colin’s second print was taken from a photo of Shadows on a wall outside St Martin’s in the Field. Here he altered the colouring of the CMYK channels to create a series of vibrant images. The Ellipses print came about by accident when a pattern was printed at the wrong size. The screen had been left for too long before being washing out, making the pattern very uneven. The screen printed in orange and then simply rotated and the purple screen over-printed. The Sheds print started life as a wallpaper design which used adverts from old DIY magazines.

The latest screen print (above) was inspired by the 1970s work of two artists: Barbara Brown‘s fabric designs for Heals; and Franco Grignani‘s Op-Art paintings.

From a collection of wriggles drawn in Illustrator, each were then stretched and transformed to create an interesting shape. One wriggle was chosen and duplicated at different widths in different colour combinations until Colin found the most interesting ones. Some of which are seen here.

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